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Gemima Mongoose - Back in time

I have written three manuscripts over the past few years. Initially I tried to get them published, but just gave up after a while; a few rejections, but mainly because of the 'partnership' offers that I got. You know, 'you don't have a track record; you pay a share and we'll do all the work' and other nonsense like that.

But, if you give up your dream, you die.

So, I've been busy now for well over a month to edit, proofread, edit some more, rewrite, edit again, in order to get my manuscripts better than what they were before. I am especially focusing on 'Gemima Mongoose - Back in time' at the moment: a realism fantasy about the 10-year old Gemima Mongoose and her 8-year old little brother who travel back in time due to a magic spell.

So, busy with queries, pitching like crazy and contacting a lot of publishers and literary agents. If one does not try, one can never accomplish anything, right?

I will update regularly here in my blog and I hope you all will pop in to read about the progress.

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